Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Very excited for what's to come in March!

Welcome March! I am so excited to flip the page on my calendar and welcome in a new month. Not that January and February weren't good...they were fine and actually quite fun at some points (i.e. Guatemala, Snowmageddan/Snowpocolypse, Vermont) but there's just something special about March....I wonder oh wonder what that might be....it's my BIRTHDAY! Actually, I like to think of it more like my birthMONTH because I celebrate the entire month - it's a genetic thing I inherited from my mom :)

Yesterday was a gorgeous day outside - blue skies, puffy clouds, in the 50's...ahhhh. Just how I like it. I wanted to go golfing so badly after work but couldn't. Isn't it always the case that when the weather's nice and you want to be outside, there's meetings and things going on inside that you have to be at? I think I'm going to start consulting the weather channel before scheduling my weeks.

Okay, so that was just a side note and now I'm back to March. So, this month we have established is my birthmonth and there will be plenty of celebrations starting with my mom and sister visiting next weekend, followed by my friends visiting the following the weekend, and then a wrap-up with another birthday celebration the following weekend with my DC friends. In between all the cake, I plan on golfing to work off those calories and my latest endeavor....street performances! No joke! I have a gig idea churning in my head. Stay tuned for pictures, videos, and more on my performances :)

Happy March to everyone!

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  1. Ahhh, yes----your birthday month!!! Let the celebration begin!!! We will have a GREAT girls weekend!!! Still not sure about the TAP shoes and what they sre being used for. but we will bring them??!! Ha Ha !! Oh, do you need a hat too??!!!