Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop healthcare! Pass immigration! Rah rah rah!

Immigration Reform Rally in Lincoln Park
Healthcare Protest on the Capitol
Posing with George Washington - not the real one.
Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois

Among lots of birthday celebrations, we also managed to get in a couple protest rallies... Jess brought out the political activists in all of us! Saturday we walked to the healthcare protest, where we met Congressman Aaron Schock - voted the hottest freshman congressman by the Huffington Post! Ooo la la :) What an adrenaline rush to be in the midst of 30,000+ tea party activists protesting Obama's healthcare plan. We live in a great country to be able to stand on street corners with tens of thousands of people and say what we want....of course there were plenty of police with large guns, but it was a peaceful protest....intense, but peaceful.

Sunday evening I went to the immigration reform rally. I thought the healthcare protest was awesome but 30,000 people shouting was nothing compared to the 200,000 people that turned out for immigration reform! WOW! I was driving home from church when I saw masses of people filling East Capitol St. yelling "Si, se puede" - Yes we can - and "Obama, escucha, estamos a la lucha" - Obama, listen, we are fighting. They were yelling in both English and Spanish, carrying American flags and flags from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and a few from Asian countries. Young children and parents alike were marching and playing instruments demanding that Obama stop separating families by providing legalization means for the 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. What an unbelievable and powerful march! I parked and got out to talk to some people marching and then joined in the chanting to show my support.

I'm looking forward to more warm weather in DC to bring out the protestors :)

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  1. Stopping health care... check
    Passing immigration.... check