Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you CJ!

The ball reads "Have a BALL on your birthday. Cheers!" Why, might you ask, do I have in my possession a large, pink bouncing ball?? Simple answer: I have a brother named CJ. He mailed this to me for my birthday...yes, that's right, he MAILED it to me just like it is with stamps right on the ball and my address. The people at the post office were laughing as much as I was when I went to pick it up. They were searching in the back room for my package and finally after about 10 minutes they came out holding the ball saying they didn't realize that was the package! Haha!! Thank you CJ for making my birthday just a little more interesting....and I now have a great back to kick around outside :)


  1. what a wonderful, never to know what he'll do next type of a little bro to have! Kudos to C.J.....such imagination...look out for next birthday, he may just mail himself to you! mammaw

  2. All you had to do was write "return to sender" with a magic marker