Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday morning in the hood

Walked out of my apartment this morning with my work bag, lunch box, and purse....returned this evening with my work bag, lunch box, and nothing else. What's missing?? My purse unfortunately. Stopped to get gas and while I had my back turned to my car telling the machine I didn't want a receipt, a lady gets out of her car, opens my driver side door, and snatches my purse. I didn't hear or notice a thing until it was too late. But, I'm saying an extra decade of the rosary tonight dedicated to my guardian angel for spreading her wings over my wallet and cell phone hiding them from the thief's view. My phone was sitting in my cup holder and my colorful wallet right next to and slightly under my purse yet the thief didn't see them despite having to reach over my phone to get to my purse. I was very fortunate to be okay and that my major credit cards and drivers license are still with me. I lost a couple sentimental items and a prayer book, but it could have been worse.

Is it just me, or does it seem ironic that I travel all the time to Guatemala City - currently ranked #1 most dangerous crime city in the world - yet my purse is stolen in our nation's capital just blocks from my place??? Guess I'll keep going to Guate :)

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  1. How ironic that I got your e-mail detailing your horrifying experience upon my arrival from my Women's Self Defense Class. Many situations were presented at the class for testing our awareness of our surroundings, but not the gas station scenario. I immediately forwarded your e-mail to our police department, suggesting that type of encounter be included in the next class. I am so thankful you were not injured physically, but sorry for your personal loss...m