Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Part I

Happy birthday to me a week early! My dad will inevitably make a comment on this post about it NOT being my birthday yet and therefore I should NOT be opening presents, but hey, life is too short to waste time not celebrating your birthday....and that was a lot of negatives in that sentence but seeing as how it's almost 1am, I'm not going to consult my grammar book :)

Anyways, I can't sleep yet from thinking about this exciting weekend, so I'm going to continue telling you all about it. My mom and sister flew to DC for the weekend for a fantabulous time shopping, eating, watching movies, playing games, hanging out, and celebrating my birthday! Unfortunately it rained the whole weekend and I was really bummed about not being able to get outside and show them the walking part of DC, but nary a raindrop slows us down when there are plenty of indoor malls just a short drive across the Potomac.

My favorite part of the weekend was Friday and Saturday night when we were at my apartment just relaxing and hanging out either by ourselves or with my friends. Those are the best times when we can kick back and reminisce....hanging around us you are guaranteed to never be short on stories or laughter!

Much love to mom and sis...I miss you both! Thanks for a wonderful weekend and come back to visit me soooooon!!!!

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  1. Thanks to the Birthday Girl, Colleen, that we had a great reason to visit!!!!!! It was a fantastic, fun weekend filled with special memories that will last forever!! We Lived, Laughed, and Loved a lot!!! This really was a Girls Weekend---one to remember!!!! Thanks so much for everything! LOVE YOU MUCH!! Happy B'day! Mom and Cara