Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bells!

Dashing through DC,
in snow up to my knees;
'Or Capitol Hill I go,
tripping in the snow.

Pink Wellies all the rage,
no dogs still in their cage;
Kids are running round and round,
laughing cheerful sounds.

Ohhhh.... DC snow, DC snow,
blizzards coming thru;
Get your car quickly off the road,
or it surely will be towed.

DC snow, DC snow,
I've got my skis in sight;
Mittens, hat, scarf, and coat,
just glad I don't own a boat.

Now tomorrow's a new day,
church then outside to play;
Hope the sun stays in,
a snowball fight to win.

The coffee's steaming hot,
all presents finally bought;
Time to sing a Christmas song,
this poem's getting long.

Ohhh.... DC snow, DC snow,
I wish my family knew
without them here I'm feeling blue
but I'll be home so sooon.

DC snow, DC snow,
so pretty and so fluffy;
I'd stay outside all the time
but it makes my nose kinda stuffy.

Written by me :)

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