Friday, December 11, 2009


I have the best co-workers! Although my office is small, I work with some wonderful people and they definitely make the days more interesting and fun. Today, for example, was "Celebrate Friday" day... a.k.a. a delicious lunch of BBQ and giant carrot cake :) This was the first time I had BBQ in DC because apparently it is not as popular as it is in Ohio. We have a "City Barbeque" or "Shane's Barbeque" on every corner back home, but here in DC, BBQ means opening a bottle from the store. BBQ is more than just a's a way of cooking that infuses any type of meat (chicken, pork turkey, roast beef) with spicy, sweet, smoky, tangy, flavorful mouth-watering deliciousness. Mmmmm... it fills a house or restaurant with a draw-you-in aroma and everyone instantly becomes friends. Bonding happens with BBQ. Back home, one does not "grill out" - we "BBQ"- and today for the first time since moving to DC, I found a place (thanks to my awesome co-worker!!) that brings a little midwestern cooking to the east.

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