Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's time to pull out the checkbook!

One week from tomorrow is Christmas, which means it's time to stop thinking about what you hope to receive and start thinking about what you can give. Do something different this year...skip the long checkout lines and forgo searching all over town for an item that will be returned on the 26th. As you snuggle into your warm bed tonight, think about the 33 million orphaned children in the world who will spend Christmas without families, without presents, and without much hope for their future.

You can't save all the children, but you CAN do something meaningful for 67 orphans in Guatemala. The Hogar Rafael Ayau orphanage in Guatemala City ( is very special to me and I love the children like they are my own kids. My sister was adopted from the orphanage in 1999 and since 2003, I've been traveling to Guatemala a couple times a year to give back to the place that gave me the best sister in the world. The Hogar is run by the most amazing Orthodox nuns who, along with a wonderful staff of nannies, care for the children from newborn through young adult. The children have all their basic needs met, plus they receive an education and attend church twice a day. But as terrific a place as it is, the Hogar is still an orphanage in a loud, dangerous city.

This Christmas, take out your checkbook and give a donation to the Hogar in honor of a loved one. Or, better yet, when asked what you want for Christmas, tell the person you want a donation made to the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala. A new orphanage on beautiful, safe, quiet Lake Amatilan is being constructed for the children, but progress can't continue without money. The Hogar receives NO government funds, so the children and nuns are counting on generous donors! Please visit the Hogar website to make a donation (

Check out the children's photos above to see some of the adorable orphans your donation will help....then do something about giving them a brighter future!


  1. This is an incredible collection of HAPPY KIDS pictures !!!

  2. They are incredible kids who deserve everything the world has to offer! The next best thing to having a family is at least being able to grow up safe and well cared for with the knowledge that you're not just another orphan statistic. I love the kids...which is why I have thousands of pictures :)

  3. What better feeling would it be, then to know that you have helped bring love into the hearts of these beautiful orphaned children in Guatemala on Christmas Day? God Bless You, Colleen for all your efforts to help the nuns and the Children at the Hogar!
    Mom and Cara