Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa in the Suburbs

What is wrong with the above pictures? Can you tell what month it is? NO! We have 16 days until Christmas and I'd venture to say less than 5% of houses are decorated. No outside lights, no Christmas trees in windows, no wreaths. Nothing! It's disgusting! I have three theories about this ridiculousness:

1. People who live in the city are too busy working to decorate, or
2. City living is expensive, so all money is spent on rent leaving nothing for buying decorations, or
3. The city has a high theft rate.

I wish I had a house in the suburbs just for December so that I would be surrounded with Christmas festivities! There are some beautiful Christmas light displays outside DC, which naturally leads me to three more theories:

1. Suburbs are filled with families and having children around makes adults more apt to decorate, or
2. People in the suburbs are not such tightwads with their money and deem Christmas lights an acceptable way to spend money, or
3. People are just happier living outside the city limits.

I feel like I have more Christmas decorations inside my little apartment than all the houses in my neighborhood combined. Maybe if I'm still living here come next Christmas, I'll institute a Christmas lights display contest for the entire city (guess I'd probably have to call it a "holiday" lights contest) and put a little spice in city-dwellers lives!


  1. Well this is a recession Christmas and while not have christmas lights is un appealing, whats important is that they have thier families during these holidays

  2. Come back to OHIO to enjoy the real feeling of Christmas!!! It is Cold, snowflakes are in the air and festive LIGHTS everywhere!!! Mom

  3. A. If people can afford to live on Capitol Hill, they can afford to buy a red bow at the dollar store and hang it on their door;

    B. I would love to be in Ohio right now :) Soon!!

  4. if people in the city don't get a visit from Santa it will be their own fault for not lighting up the way for him to land with his sleigh......they will know better next year...mammaw