Saturday, December 19, 2009

Don't eat the snow if it's yellow....

DC got a little bit of snow last night, so I thought I'd share some pictures.....actually, the snow is more like 15" deep right now and it's still coming down. The mayor declared a snow emergency, so what did I do right away?? Bundled up and headed outside for an adventure! I walked about 8 or 9 blocks around town snapping pictures and talking to other crazy people who ventured out. I think DCer's are friendlier when there is snow....normally everyone is too busy rushing here and there to stop and chat but today, there was a certain camaraderie in the air. A good ol' fashioned snowstorm is all it takes to bring out the midwestern friendliness in the stuffy easterners :)

Oh and yes, those are semi-buried cars in the first picture. We got a lot of snow.

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