Monday, December 7, 2009

Book my plane ticket!

Who wouldn't want to go to Australia after seeing this adorable embassy Christmas display?!?! I can't decide if the guy is surfing or snowboarding....makes more sense to surf in Australia, however, based on my superior knowledge of kangaroos from almost being trampled by many in the "Walk with Kangaroos" zoo exhibit (good idea; terrible execution!) I don't think they hop on water - Jesus, yes; kangaroos, no - and clearly there is leash attached to the last one. So, that makes me think the guy is actually suppose to be snowboarding, which raises a whole new set of questions - do kangaroos like cold weather? Do their large feet and tail act like natural snowshoes so they don't sink in the snow? Why is the guy snowboarding in shorts? Why is only one kangaroo pulling the guy and the others hopping free? Washington DC is full of mysteries!

1 comment:

  1. Mysteries-yes. But is it not the mystery of what tomorrow, the new day, will bring forth that really makes one ponder about the true revelation of life?

    Sorry, I couldnt help but challange a thought to you that often challenges my mind.

    Great minds think alike

    Once again, great entries!