Monday, November 30, 2009

Not just a banana!

It's Bananagram! Or as I like to call it, bunches of fun :) Hahahaha!!! Go ahead and know you want to. I discovered this awesome game at a garden center in DC. Why it was at a garden center I don't know, but that is beside the point. Let me explain how Bananagram works:

1. Think Scrabble but played individually
2. Players draw wooden tiles with letters on them face-down from the pile of tiles - "the bunch" - and when someone yells "split" everyone turns their tiles face-up... the terminology in this game is half the fun :)
3. Players then proceed to make a crossword puzzle from their tiles; they can trade a letter back into the bunch but they have to take 3 in it's place
4. When a player runs out of tiles, they yell "peel" and everyone takes a new tile from the bunch. This repeats until there are fewer tiles in the bunch than there are players. When that happens, the bunch becomes "rotten" (I actually just added that term because I think it's appropriate and adds a little something extra to the game) and the first player to use all their tiles wins the game! The fun is in having to rearrange words or letters just to use them all.

Oh and did I mention the tiles are kept in an adorable banana-shaped bag?!?! So cute!

So, now that you know what Bananagrams is and you know that I HIGHLY recommend it, I suggest everyone run out to their nearest garden center - or search on - and make Christmas shopping easy this year.

Go bananas :)


  1. Sweet, now I know what to get you

  2. no no no...I OWN Bananagram, which is how I know that it is the greatest game on earth! Try again and keep in mind I posted a long time ago about my fascination with cupcake cars....just saying :) Might want to review that posting!