Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey, pilgrims, and crafts oh my!

Thanksgiving took on a new meaning for me this year, having moved to Washington, DC almost 3 months ago. Being far from home and family makes me grateful for the time I am able to spend with them. This thanksgiving was spent at my aunt and uncle's house for the main dinner and my parents house for dessert, crafts, and games. What a fabulous table arrangement and delicious meal!! I don't need to eat for a week - seriously. I'm hitting the Guatemala diet until Christmas - black beans, rice, and some veggies thrown in for color :) There are some foods we only have at holidays, which I think makes them taste even better. My favorite dish is hot spiced apples and cranberries. So good!

Dessert was courtesy of my mom and me this year. We made 2 pumpkin pies, apple dumplings, pecan/pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and chocolate silk pie. Wow! It's tradition to do Christmas crafts on Thanksgiving, so this year we made gift bows, and chocolate covered pretzels and drink stirring spoons. Very festive! Most years it is only the girls that get involved in crafts, but as I'm sure everyone can imagine, where there is chocolate involved, the boys will also be there! Chocolate covered pretzels and spoons soon turned into seeing how many different items could be dipped in chocolate - this included a peppermint round candy and a stick of gum among other things!

A wonderful day filled with good food, great family time, and new memories. Oh, and of course a special appearance by CJ the pilgrim :)

Feliz dia de gracias a mi familia in Guatemala, tambien!

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  1. It truly was a Thanksgiving Day filled with blessings!! So happy you came home, despite the LONG drive to and from DC!! Start checking for airline tickets for Christmas!! Love, Mom