Sunday, November 29, 2009


Let the games begin! Thanksgiving traditions continued with the annual family BINGO dinner Friday after Thanksgiving at Brookside Golf and Country Club. It promised to be a successful game based on the past couple years, but alas, our winning streak ended and we all walked out with empty pockets. It's still under investigation as to whether it was the extra people at our tables this year that made everyone unlucky, or if it was the missing people usually at our table that made us lucky....hmmm..... Just kidding Megan and Lauren :-) It was fun having Craig's WIFE Megan and Curt's girlfriend Lauren join us for the festivities.

CJ had a grand time using the golf club drink stirrer as a BINGO-number-coverer....perhaps it was CJ forgetting his Santa hat and flashing Rudolph nose that took our luck!

At any rate, it was a great time for all even though I had practiced yelling BINGO for weeks and never got to use it :-(

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