Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 months 13 days later....

I was sitting in traffic this afternoon on my way home from work, and for no apparent reason, it dawned on me that I've been here almost a year already (10 months and 13 days to be exact), which prompted me to dig through the file cabinets in my brain at all that I've seen and experienced in that time. In some ways it seems like I newly moved here and I'm still just a tourist gawking at all this city has to offer, but in so many other regards it feels like I'm a real Washingtonian. I still can't believe everything that has happened to me.....
1. I lived in a basement with weird bugs ~ and survived!
2. Figured out how to use a credit card parking meter
3. Rode a city bus
4. Rode the subway system
5. Received more parking, speeding, and red-light camera tickets than I can count (yet not a single point on my license because I was never cited in person by an officer!!)
6. Attempted to do my own taxes but quickly realized that was the worst idea I'd ever had and turned them over to a friend to complete
7. Visited several new states/sites/cities~ NYC, Virginia Beach, Vermont, Maryland, and upcoming the Outer Banks and Shanandoah, VA
8. Shopped for a new apartment and decided on one by myself, which is huge for me considering I usually ask for several opinions when making big decisions
9. Went on several job interviews and decided on a new career ~ realized that I despise the corporate world and if I'm not intrinsically motivated by my job, I'm going to loathe getting out of bed everyday
10. Met the Russian Ambassador and had tea at the Russian Embassy
11. Am currently living without cable television ~ it was a rough first week but I'm doing okay now without it
12. Met my wonderful boyfriend ~ who knew I had to go 8 hours from Ohio to meet a nice midwestern Ohio guy?? God certainly has a sense of humor :)
13. Started painting with acrylics and oils and I even have an awesome French easel!
14. Spent my first holiday ever away from family, but hosted my own Easter dinner here for friends, neighbors, and strangers
15. Did laundry at a laundromat - once and never again!
16. Had my purse stolen at a gas station while I was standing next to my car pumping gas
17. Experienced a blizzard with record snowfall; then record heat temperatures this summer; and then a record earthquake (although I was asleep for that)
18. Rode a segway for the first time
19. Attempted Copeira classes - Brazillian martial arts and dance
20. Attended a protest rally on the Capitol lawn
21. Saw the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, FDR Memorial, WWII Memorial, White House, Library of Congress, Senate and House buildings, and the Supreme Court
22. Attended mass at the church that broadcasts mass on national television and which I used to watch as a little kid on Sunday mornings when I was too sick to go to mass
23. Attended the national fourth of July parade and fireworks - eh, not impressed
24. Competed in the Great Urban Race
25. Kicked open a secret passageway door (it was at the Spy Museum and completely legal but cool nonetheless)
26. Ate at IHOP for the first time
27. Shopped at a grocery store that has "thunder" and "rain" in the produce section

Hmmm.....there's so many new experiences and I want to remember all of them, so I guess it's a good thing I blog! Ha! I think I'm doing an okay job holding my own in this city, but no amount of time here will ever take away my midwestern roots :)

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