Monday, July 5, 2010

I couldn't resist

After Jazz in the Garden, Sam and I explored some of the gardens around the Smithsonian Castle and stumbled upon this quaint little brick-path area. Well, one of the gardens had gorgeous Stargazer Lilies growing and I couldn't quite reach the flower from the path but I really wanted to smell it, so I decided what the heck, I would climb right on up in the garden and take a whiff! It was delightful :)


  1. Now I know what the shocking mail I received yesterday was all about. It read:
    "Please submit stated fine for trespassing by one Colleen Shaver, inquisitive resident of D.C." oh well, the price grandmothers must pay to keep their grandkids out of jail! mammaw Shaver

  2. now I know what the mail I received yesterday was all about! "please submit stated fine for one Colleen Shaver, D.C. resident, for trespassing!" oh the price grandmothers must pay for inquisitive grandkids......mammaw Shaver

  3. now I know why I received the following mail:
    "Please submit listed fine for trespassing on government property in D.C."
    what a price we, as grandmothers pay for our inquisitive kids..........mammaw s.

  4. either mammaw is getting forgetful or she hasn't figured out how to use her new computer !! I'm guessing the latter .

  5. I really did get caught this time. Yes, "Boss Hogg,Jr" and I are really having a round-a-bout. But stick with me, I'll get him figured out loved seeing you aboard the "big machine", too, sweetheart. Head it to the west and put the "pedal to the metal".