Saturday, August 7, 2010

Row Row Row Your Inner Tube....

...gently down the Shenandoah River! This past weekend, I went on a float trip in Shenandoah, VA with Sam, a couple friends from Ohio, and 8 other people from VA/MD/DC/PA. Quite an adventure! What started out as "it will just be a short float maybe 2 hours" turned into "let's do the long 6 hour trip" and by hour 2, I was ready to abandon tube and hike back to the lake house! Haha - no really, I was contemplating it. I've always considered myself an outdoorsy type girl (stop laughing all those who are reading this!) ~ I love to hike, go creeking, kayak, take bike rides, explore new parks and woods, etc., and I'm always up for a new adventure, but this was a humongous river and my butt was touching the water and did I mention it was 6 hours??? Unfortunately the river wasn't running very much, so much of those hours were spent paddling with our arms....well, I guess I should be honest and say most of those hours SAM spent paddling both our inner tubes with HIS arms :) And it was very low in spots, so we had to watch out for sharp rocks and walk the tubes in parts, but it was relaxing to be surrounded by nothing but nature. There were even a couple places where cows grazed on the shoreline and in the river....course, that immediately brought to mind what exactly was IN the river we were floating and swimming in, but I tried not to think about that.

Overall it was a fun trip and the house we all rented was great with a full kitchen, multiple bathrooms, a hammock, pool table, air hockey table, and bonfire pit. Nice to get away from DC for a weekend and spend time with friends enjoying the outdoors :)

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