Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heaven on Earth ~ It Really Exists!!

Dylan's Candy Bar

Me and a giant bathtub of gumballs ~ this proves candy belongs in EVERY room of a home!

The wall of famous people who have visited Dylan's and chosen their favorite kind of candy to autograph....I wasn't asked for mine, but I think it must be because the store was just too crowded that day :)

3 floors of yumminess

Owner Dylan Lauren, daughter of clothing designer Ralph Lauren. Her picture is made from jelly beans. My next art project!

The store is a candy mecca!

Always good to be prepared no matter where you are in the world!

Welcome to Dylan's Candy Bar - a.k.a. Colleen's heaven on earth come true! Situated on 60th St. and 3rd Ave., Dylan's is a must visit store for everyone who goes to NYC. It was founded by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of famous clothing designer Ralph Lauren, which in and of itself is ironic because I bet she is a size 2 yet has the metabolism of someone who can live on candy and not gain an ounce. Grrrr! Aggravating! But anyways, the store has 3 levels of candy - pretty much anything you could think of and ever want from gummy bears and gummy fried eggs to sour things and fudge....it overwhelms your senses upon first glance! There is even a chocolate fountain that you can pay to dip fruit or marshmallows in....funny, it didn't list a price for just opening your mouth under it :)

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  1. super pics of a super candy store....good thing we didn't run across it when we were there or Papa would have two big candy drawers in our kitchen instead of just one.......