Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Hidden Oasis

Theodore Roosevelt new favorite escape! The island is only accessible by foot and no bicycles are even allowed ~ purely a walking experience....although there were quite a few people running as well but really, who runs?? Why would you do that?? Runners miss all the beauty of nature because they zip right by! Anyways, the island is only 80 acres and it really is an island in the middle of the Potomac. Sam and I took a picnic dinner and enjoyed it in the serenity of nature (and a giant statue of Teddy Roosevelt) then hiked the island. We found a boardwalk that winds through swampy marsh ~ funny little side story, so there is a sign by the marsh that says it's a tidal marsh and when high tide comes in it can wash away the boardwalk....really?? High tide in a river?? My theory is that whoever was responsible for putting up signs on the island also had a side job putting up signs on ocean beaches and mixed up his two jobs. Okay, back to the island. So we saw a sign walking along a path that said "Stay on Trail" and naturally we saw a man-made path right behind that sign so we hopped over it and did a little off-trail exploration. Well, it completely paid off because we found a beach!!!! A beautiful beach overlooking Georgetown and as a reward for our off-trail exploration, we saw a magnificent sunset.....of course the park closes at dark and we had no idea where we were on the island, so we didn't take too long to savor the sunset knowing we had to vacate the island relatively soon! Ha! I saw one too many creepy spiders for me to even contemplate being trapped for the night!

Another awesome DC spot to check off my list :)


  1. Even though you'll miss the Michigan trip this year, it seems as though you have found a place that resembles a little bit of our walk in the woods up north!!!! But, then again, NOTHING really compares to the Bay View area!!!! Sorry!!! Love, Mom

  2. just about all the rivers over there are tidal because they run to the Atlantic. Ask CJ about the Nanikoke River and me beaching our bass boat in the middle of it at low tide !!