Saturday, July 24, 2010

Duckpin Bowling

When I moved to DC, I promised myself that I would experience everything I possibly could and not pass up an opportunity to do something out of the, Sam and I went Duckpin Bowling! Never heard of it??? Me neither until one of my coworkers started talking about bowling and she mentioned the ball didn't have holes and fit in the palm of your hand. I was like hold on a second, that's not bowling but come to find out, Duckpin bowling is simply bowling to easterners....a native of Baltimore likely has never heard of midwestern bowling. Fascinating!

Anyways, in Duckpin Bowling the ball is about the size of a softball (no more than 5 inches in diameter) and weighs 2-4 pounds. It is made of wood and doesn't have finger holes. The pins are about half the size of a regular bowling pin and are more squat at the bottom. It definitely took a couple games to get used to throwing the ball! Luckily, each player gets 3 tries instead of 2 to knock all the pins down because it's more difficult. But what a fun game!!! And we were lucky enough to go on "disco Friday" so we had unlimited bowling all night and the bowling alley played music and had colored lights and disco balls up and down the lanes. The place we went was old school without electronic scoring, which was actually half the fun because Sam and I made up our own rules for different games and we could change the scoring methods :) Sadly, by the end of the night after 8 games, I went 0 for 8....Sam was a champ at Duckpin Bowling even though he claims he'd never heard of it ;-)

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