Monday, July 12, 2010

NYC's finest

Welcome to Mannahatta Park located in New York City. No, I am not joking ~ you are looking at an actual park, NOT to be confused with a sidewalk garden (which may be the appearance at first glance). Just to show you that it's a real park, there is a list of park rules, including one that reads "Park closes at dark." REALLY???? Are you serious NYC???? On a recent trip to the city, Sam and I stumbled upon this most ridiculous park....I mean come on, the list of rules is as big as the park itself. And how exactly do you close a park of the sidewalk at night?? And why? So people don't get lost in the park after dark? I am dumbfounded right now. Shouldn't there be some kind of minimum requirement for a piece of land to be a park?

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