Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jazz in the Garden

Jazz in the Garden should be renamed "Masses of People Crunched in the Garden"! Wowzers! Sam and I went to Jazz in the Garden at the art museum and ended up running into one of my co-workers and her boyfriend outside the metro station, so the 4 of us enjoyed a fun evening of jazz.....well, couldn't really hear the music, but we did enjoy a nice picnic and a bottle and pitcher of sangria :) Every Friday, the lawn of the art museum opens up the sculpture garden to people for picnics and jazz music. Sam said it gets crowded and we should go early in the evening, but apparently 6:30pm was not quite early enough! We found a small section of open grass just big enough to fit the four of us. Thankfully it was a low-humidity day, which is probably why so many people decided it would be a good night for Jazz in the Garden! It was a nice evening and I liked getting to experience one more new thing in DC, but as someone who doesn't like crowds so much, I am content to enjoy a Friday night picnic elsewhere in DC :)


  1. not quite like having KFC in the Char-Mar woods is it ? Lol Dad

  2. No it was definitely a little different :)