Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reasons to Live in Ohio

I've been on vacation the past week and have had lots of time to mull over the beauty of Ohio. It really is a good state and I think it's even better once you've lived away and then return....makes you appreciate it even more! So, for anyone out there who has never been to Ohio and is thinking of visiting or moving, here is a list of why I love Ohio!

1. People are friendly. They ask if you need help when walking into a store, when driving they are pretty good about letting people cut over in long lines (just be sure you're the car trying to cut in, otherwise you might get mad about all the cars cutting in line in front of you!), and when you're walking down the street and say hi to strangers, they actually say hi back!
2. No traffic. I suppose to people living in Ohio they might think there is traffic, but really to anyone who has driven in DC, the 5:30pm "traffic" of Ohio is like the 2pm traffic of DC.....enough cars on the road to slow you down, but not so much that it takes 1.5 hours to go 20 miles.
3. A sale is a real sale! When something is on sale in Ohio, it really is marked down to make you feel good about purchasing it. In DC, when something is on sale, it's still too expensive to get.
4. You can go to Target and NOT have to park in a parking garage! Wohoo! How nice it is to drive anywhere in Ohio to any store and not have to first pay to park, and then go inside and spend money. For a while there, I was starting to lose my shopaholic nature because it's just such a pain to drive in traffic and then park in a garage to even go to Bed Bath and Beyond in DC, but since my respite in Ohio, I'm feeling much more revived about shopping! Whew!
5. No high-flutin, organic, all natural vegetable bought in a store comes close to the fresh taste of a homegrown farm vegetable. Ohio has plenty of farm stands along the road with the most delicious homegrown strawberries, tomatoes, and other yummy goodness. I've never seen a farm stand in DC.
6. No tourist buses and taxis clogging the roads
7. Ohio doesn't have HOV lanes ~ thank the Lord! What is with these "high occupancy vehicle" lanes?? Makes perfect sense to me to take an already crowded highway and remove a lane during the busiest times of the day. Ugh! Annoying!

Hmmm there are so many more reasons to love Ohio but I think those are the main ones and will do for now.

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