Monday, June 7, 2010

Driver's Ed According to ME!

I've decided to write a book for the drivers of DC for their own well being and the sanity of all those on the road with them, namely me :)

1. Drive with the flow of traffic regardless of the speed limit ~ going slower than that causes TRAFFIC!
2. Use your turn signal when you are actually turning, and when you're not, turn it off!
3. When a sign says "yield" you should yield - not stop! It is not a stop sign; it's a yield sign.
4. An ambulance with its lights and sirens on going in the OPPOSITE direction on a road divided by a cement wall does not require you to pull over and stop....nice thought, but hate to break it to you, the ambulance is not going to jump the cement wall into your lane of traffic to find the best route.
5. Taxi drivers are the worst of the worst drivers and should only be allowed on certain streets that are closed to normal cars....lets put all the bad drivers together on just a couple streets rather than spreading them throughout town.
6. Stay out of the left lane if you are going the speed limit or slower; one car can back up an entire freeway. True statement.
7. If you fail to get over in time to exit where you want, do not simply stop in your lane and wait for an opening ~ go to the next exit and turn around.
8. If you can't follow these simple directions, do everyone a favor and don't attempt to drive. That's why we have a bus and metro system!

This message is brought to you by DC's unofficial traffic lawmaker.


  1. 9. Don't honk at people attempting a left turn while oncoming traffic is blocking the way.

  2. Hahahaha!!! These are rules for BAD drivers...not me :)