Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charm City charmed me :)

And we're off!!
The brick house is the smallest home in Baltimore at only 9.5 feet wide! It was originally an alleyway, but the two neighbors on either side were feuding, so the one who actually owned the alley property, turned it into a house to prevent the other neighbor from using it as access to his place. Brilliant use of property law at it's finest!
Notice anything different about the building? Take a look at the corners....or lack of corners! The architect believed ghosts could live in corners, so he never designed his buildings to have actual corners. Instead, all the edges were rounded!
The Domino Sugar factory. The large ship is carrying sugar cane from the Caribbean and once it reaches port at the factory, giant cranes unload the bundles. We saw the cranes in action!

Saturday was one of the best days I've had since moving to DC....although the day actually took place in Baltimore, MD :) But nevertheless, it was a fun-filled, action-packed day in "Charm City" beginning with a Segway tour of Inner Harbor and Fells Point. The celebrate Sam's birthday (a month late! Ha!) we did a 2 hour Segway safari, which was an absolute blast! After riding a Segway, I've decided walking is way overrated :) We did the 10am trip and there was only one other person besides the tour guide in our group ~ perfect before the weather got too hot. Funny little side note: after we got a 10 minute Segway lesson on how to work it, I went back inside the place and changed my waiver form to include the $5 insurance :) There's a whole lotta water in the harbor area and there are no brakes or kill-switches on the Segways, which cost $5,000 to replace! Haha! Those who know me know I have...."issues".....with being graceful :)

Okay, so the Segways were awesome and Sam and I got the hang of them very quickly. Our game on the tour soon became seeing how far we could lag back from the group just so we would have a reason to ride top speed and catch up! Operating a Segway is fairly simple ~ lean forward to go, lean back to slow, and lean sideways to turn. The tricky part is stopping completely because you have to perfectly balance in the middle to actually stop. However, once you're on, the Segs are so much fun you won't want to ever come to a complete stop, so I just leaned back and forth to stay in relatively one position at crosswalks and such :)

The Segway tour was just part 1 of our day in Baltimore. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 to come!

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