Monday, January 18, 2010

Where to begin??

How do I put into words my life the past 5 days?? I don't know where to begin except to say that anyone reading this who has been to the Hogar knows what I am feeling right now. With each trip to Guatemala, life changes just a little bit...

So, instead of writing one long post about my trip, I think I'll break it up into several posts because I have many photos to share. This post will just be a quick overview of the 5 days and some general pictures.

I left DC at 7:10am on Wednesday and arrived in Guatemala City at 2:30pm. I spent the next 5 days eating black beans, rice, tortillas, pancakes, peanut butter, a tamale, onion soup, lentils, jello, Guatemalan cookies, and rabbit meat, with 64 precious orphans, 5 like-minded missionaries, 3 fun friends, 4 furry dogs, and 3 amazing nuns. I played soccer, raced up and down slides on the new playground, chased giggling toddlers, played a game of UNO with the senoritas and other missionaries, built a tower of blocks and pretended to cry every time it was knocked down, attended church 7 times, and laughed, smiled, danced, prayed, and sang more times than I can count.

I left Guatemala City on Sunday at 3pm and arrived back in DC at 11pm, exhausted but renewed in mind and spirit. Hope you enjoy the stories to come!

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  1. So happy you had a great trip and we anxiously wait to hear all your stories about the childrens adventures!!!!