Friday, January 22, 2010

Graeter's, take note!

Just to show you how ridiculous the cost of ice cream is in the US, I took a picture of an ice cream cart inside one of the Guatemalan malls. But first, take a look at the top picture....brilliant! See the pre-scooped balls of ice cream?? Ingenious! No messy ice cream scoops or yucky buckets of ice cream that need changing out during the day. Instead, a customer walks up and asks for 2 scoops of ice cream and bam! The worker simply grabs 2 scoops, plops them on a cone, and the order is complete. As someone who once scooped ice cream at Graeter's, I have a deep appreciation for this efficient means of distribution. Way to go Guatemala!

Now, look at the second picture and there you will see the price for a "cono," which is a cone of ice cream with 1 scoop. It says Q8.00 meaning it costs 8 Quetzales. The exchange rate is currently 8.1979 Quetzales to $1.00, so a scoop of ice cream in Guatemala is about 94 cents and a cup only 83 cents!! Now, I'd like to point out the current price for a scoop of ice cream at your local Graeter's shop - $2.69, which is 286% more expensive!!! I do believe it's time for an uprising in the States against over-priced ice cream! Who's with me?!?

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