Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frozen legs, but worth the gelato :)

After hearing that a friend had gelato for lunch one day, I decided to search out a gelato store on my way home from work, and lo and behold, I came across "Dolce ZZa" - an Argentinean gelato cafe. Yes, I do realize the temperature in DC has been no higher than the 30's, but it in no way shape or form deterred my craving for gelato....and I'm glad it didn't cause it was delicious! The beauty of gelato is that you get to choose 2 flavors for even the small size dish! Normally, I would think that such a benefit as multiple flavors would only come with a larger, more expensive size, but I guess the inventors of gelato were generous folks who realized the delightfully tasteful pairing of more than one flavor. Anyways, I chose coconut and pistachio as my gelato pairing and it was very yummy.

The only problem with my who gelato escapade was that I didn't take into account evening traffic through DC. Dolce ZZa is located just a few minutes from work, which meant I still had to drive about 30 minutes home. Not so bad except traffic was very heavy this evening and I ended up going the wrong way from Dolce ZZa and crisscrossing the Potomac River over every single bridge that links Virginia and DC. I began getting a little worried about my gelato riding in the seat next to me, so I put in on the passenger-side floor and turned on the floor air-conditioning. Well, the combination of plummeting outside temperatures and air-conditioning in my car made for a chilly drive home! By the time I arrived home, after 1 hour, my legs and feet were sooooo cold....but the gelato was still frozen! My plan was successful!

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