Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Time to start polishing my clubs and putting together my golf outfits for the season! Yes, it is still January, but temps were in the 50's on Sunday so I decided to break out the clubs and find the nearest driving range. It turns out there's one just about 10 minutes from my apartment! Excellent! I did surprisingly (and I do mean surprisingly!!) well for my first time out this year. I was consistently driving the ball 150 yds for the most part in a straight line, and I only ricocheted two golf balls off the inside of the tee box. I spent more time at the driving range last spring and summer than I did on a golf course, but that's only because every time I asked one of my brothers, my dad, or my grandpa to take me golfing, they would pass me off to the next person claiming they didn't know enough about golf to teach me....pretty sure my dad felt sorry for me and that's the only reason he caved and took me to an actual course, right dad??? But I showed them and even got my dad to admit I did better than he thought I would :) So, I'm picking up where I left off last year and hitting the links with 5 goals in mind for 2010:

1) Practice at the driving range at least once a week to improve my game
2) Try out all 3 golf courses in DC
3) Play in one of my company's golf outings
4) Teach 3 people how to golf (or find 3 people who already know how to golf...apparently people like to play golf in groups of 4, but I've yet to figure out why)
5) Go on one vacation this year that includes playing golf on a nice course....maybe overlooking an ocean, or mountain view....something pretty

I'll keep everyone posted on my progress but in the meantime, all you Ohioans who laughed at me last season (you know who you are) get ready for the CPGA....yea that's right, it's only a matter of time before the LPGA renames the organization after me :)


  1. sounds like one determined, positive, future golf star in the family. get out of her way!
    that's why Anika retired, she saw this coming!....mammaw

  2. just say NO ! if tiger ever offers a lesson