Thursday, January 7, 2010

Capoeira Class

I think one of my greatest fears is someday lying on my death bed thinking back over my life and realizing I didn't take advantage of all the opportunities that came my way. So, whenever something comes along that I haven't tried, I tend to jump at the chance and give it a shot. My newest quest - Capoeira; an Afro-Brazilian fighting style of art that combines martial arts, dance, and music. Participants in capoeira either play traditional Brazilian musical instruments, sing call and response songs, or spar in a ring using aerobatic moves to attack/evade the other person. Pretty cool, huh? My friend in DC is dating a Brazilian guy who teaches capoeira and she asked if I wanted to take lessons with her. So, I figured why not and signed up for the class. It's twice a week for 2 hours each class. The first hour and a half or so is spent learning the capoeira fighting moves and the last half hour is where we learn the play instruments and do call and response songs. We also learn some Portugese words in the process!

Well, my first class was Tuesday and it was amazing! Of course I am still having trouble moving today and my head throbbed all day yesterday from spending so much time doing cartwheel flips and attempting to walk on my hands during class, but overall it is a fun experience and I'm excited to keep practicing and learning.

Check out this YouTube Capoeira channel to see just why I might be so sore from my first class :)

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  1. I did look at the class in action, and I do mean action! Wow, what an undertaking...hope it doesn't convert to undertaker business! Just kidding, it looked challenging to say the least and you have my permission to is a wonderful take on the self defence, which according to your blog at times in D.C. traffic, you need it......enjoy....mammaw