Monday, January 11, 2010

Love at first sight...

Have you ever had one of those long, tiring days at work and all you can think about is going home to veg out and watch tv, but then something happens that makes you forget all about the work day? Something that makes your heart skip just a little and a smile creep onto your face without you knowing? It happened to me while driving home from work and absolutely made my day....I had the privilege of driving next to a sleek black, Nissan 370Z coupe. It was the most beautiful car I have ever seen...low to the ground, sporty, smooth lines, powerful motor, 5-spoke aluminum-alloy I saw that car and all I could think about was how I would give one of my kidneys to drive that beauty. I oogled the car the entire way home....funny part was that the guy driving it clearly thought I was oogling him! Ha! I didn't even see him but certainly eyed his car :)


  1. Keep up in the corporate world sis and that car is YOURS! Stylettos (sp?), business suit, breifcase, and COUPE! Woop Woop haha. Peace,love, cheers

  2. Colleen, Keep your kidney.......Mom