Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chic Accessories

The weather broke 50 degrees today, so I decided to go out for a bike ride and finally use my adorable basket my cousin gave me for Christmas. It is especially perfect because DC just enacted a new law charging 5 cents for every plastic bag at grocery stores and places that sell food! Outrageous! But now I can shop in style :) So, I hopped on my bike and made it from my apartment door to the sidewalk when my chain came off. Thankfully, dad taught me how to remedy that situation many years ago, so I expertly put the chain back on the spoke and then away I rode like the wind with my basket on the handle. I went to the post office and picked up a care package from my mom (love you mommy!!), placed it in my basket, and proceeded to Eastern Market where I bought ingredients for lunch. The lady tried to put my items in a bag and charge me but I just said "no, no, I have my own" and was on my way. I love that basket! Not only does it look stylish with any outfit, it's also practical....not often you find an accessory that's cute AND useful :)

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