Monday, October 12, 2009

Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza is my favorite part of NYC. Simply stunning to see the colorful flags of all different countries blowing in the wind amidst the gray, blah office buildings. Gorgeous! But the ice-skating rink in October?? Definitely NOT expecting that!

It was very fitting to end the weekend beneath the flags....iMaria and Mariita initially met in Germany; Sophia, Fabiana, and iMaria childhood friends from Guatemala; Mariita from Honduras now living in Florida; Sophia now studying in Washington, DC; and Mother Maria - "My Asian Mom from the Philippines in Guatemala" - introducing iMaria and me 3 years ago in Ohio but meeting for the first time in New York City ~ the melting pot of the United States. Life is so cool :)


  1. Rockefeller Center, honey. "Rockefeller Plaza" is the address of the Today show... down the street :-p

  2. I rescind some of my condescension... perhaps there's some room for debate as to what constitutes the "center" vs. the "plaza". But being from the area means I can have at least a little bit of unreasonable opinions on meaningless semantic issues such as this.

    (Google "Rockefeller Plaza", you'll see most of the results that come up refer to it as "Rockefeller Center", then flip over to Google Maps. You'll see Rockefeller Plaza is a pedestrian street that runs from 48th and 51st between 5th and 6th Ave.)

  3. According to Wikipedia, Rockefeller Plaza is the heart of Rockefeller Center.

    As you will observe in the picture, the Plaza is the square surrounded by international flags.... Now, as you will observe in my pictures, I am standing by the international flags.

    Perhaps I better put this in actuarial terms... When A=B, and B=C, then A=C.

    In other words, A=plaza, B=flags, C=Colleen, and therefore, Colleen was in the Plaza.

    There's no arguing with Wikipedia and actuarial science, honey :-P

  4. From the (apparently) supreme source, Wikipedia, actuarial science is to "assess risk in the insurance and finance industries". The only risk involved in your little transitivity charade is the possibility of diminishing the integrity of mathematical equality to the point where your loyal readers will require actuarial science to evaluate the validity of your claims!

    Incidentally, your hypothesis overlooks the fact that the article refers to both the proper "Plaza" and colloquially throws around the term "plaza" (leave it to such a scholarly source to impart such clarity on such a cut and dry issue!). Much like I may find myself on a street in New York that is in fact an "Avenue", you found yourself in a plaza known as "Rockefeller Center."

    But go ahead, who am I to prevent you from telling all your friends how you went shopping on Fifth Street in *gasp* New York City!

  5. call it what you like, sweetheart, I's your story, so tell it like it is.......mammaw