Sunday, October 18, 2009

For you, Curt :)

While driving around aimlessly lost in DC (I would have been just fine had the street I needed not been closed), I came across the National American Red Cross headquarters. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881, and while this may not mean much to some, I knew Curt would appreciate this.....and now for the story :) Way back in 3rd grade (I believe) Curt had to do a school report on a famous person. So, while other boys were choosing Abe Lincoln, Walt Disney, or George Washington (note the theme - famous men for the boys, leaving the famous women for the girls), Curt chose to do his report on CLARA BARTON. The real kicker is that the assignment requirement was.......wait for it.....dressing up as the person and making a video!!! Yes, we have the video of Curt dressed as Clara Barton giving her life story. If only I knew how to post videos on this blog....

Oh Curtie, you're the best and this picture is for you :)


  1. To Curt,
    just to let you know I am proud of you for choosing Clara Barton as the famous person in your story. Go Curt! Go Clara!.....mammaw

  2. hahahahaha i love that home video!

  3. It's great, right?? My favorite part is the end where he says, "I died in..." and then grins :)

  4. hello...this is curt and it was not only a spectacular award desrerving performance but a very bold selection and i should be applauded for my efforts