Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not really impressed

It was a gorgeous 68 degrees and sunny today in Washington, DC. The perfect weather for a bike ride before winter sets in! I decided to ride from my house towards the downtown area and then realized this was a perfect opportunity to see the White House up close since normally I'm driving and can only get so far on the streets. So, I rode from Palisades through Georgetown and on up Pennsylvania Ave until I came to this big white house with lots of tourists and policemen and decided I had reached my intended destination. The White House is beautiful and it's really neat to think that the decision-maker of our country lives just a few miles from where I live, but I have to say, the house itself is really not that impressive from the outside. Yes, the lawn is manicured and the paint gleaming, but I guess I always thought it would be bigger. It looks so grandiose in pictures, so I was slightly disappointed with the real deal. If only I liked the president and the house was painted pink.....

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