Friday, October 23, 2009

Cowboys in Baltimore, MD

Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley in concert. Need I say more??? Oh, and Jimmy Wayne as the opener....bad bad move on his part to open for Brad and Dierks. I thought he may have some potential, but that was before the real concert began. As soon as those two played, all "potential" for Mr. Wayne went out the window and I was left thinking - "Jimmy, you're just a wannabe cowboy playing a guitar whose terrible rendition of country music only makes people want to stand in the beer line to stock up before the concert begins because that's a better use of their time than sitting in a seat watching you and chance missing Brad and Dierks for beer runs later in the evening."

Anyways, a gigantic thank you to Andrew for the concert tickets and the reprieve from work for a few hours of fine country music and cowboys....both the authentic ones and the wannabes :) It's interesting going to a country music concert because the crowd consists of all different ages and types of people. There were the girls who tried to look country - short denim skirts, plaid shirts, boots, pigtails, and a cowboy hat - yet walked, talked, and acted like they just stepped out of Forever21 where they bought the ensemble. Then you had the true country folk whose boots were muddy from actual wear and tear, their gait was a slight ramble like they ride horses all the time, and a cutoff plaid shirt and jeans looked natural on them. Oh and there were also the people who were clearly miserable and probably had been given the tickets as a gift because they would never actually buy tickets to a country concert, the ones who cared more about seeing the concert than damaging their children's hearing and brought babies to the show, and the past-middle-age-not-quite-seniors-but-let's-try-to-dress-and-act-like-teenagers. Quite a mix!

It was a fabulous night eating dinner overlooking the Baltimore harbor and listening to country music. Brad and Dierks (yes, I like to think we are on a first name basis) know how to entertain a crowd :)


  1. hope you didn't get any speeding tickets either in person or via photo !!!!!!! on the way to or from Baltimore

  2. Well the problem with cameras is that I don't know when they get me, and there's no way to talk myself out of the ticket! Aggravating!