Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now I've seen it all!

Supposedly when it comes to jobs, if you do what you like, then you'll like what you do. True? Maybe for most people, but I can't imagine it NOT being true for this job posting...and yes, this is a real job posting on a reputable career site!

Lego Specialist
Education: High school and 2 years college
Location: Brooklyn, New York, 11212, United States
Posted by: YWCA of the City of New York
Type: Full time
Language(s): English
Job posted on: Feb 1
Area of Focus: Media and Journalism

Job Requirements:
•High school diploma, plus two years of college
•Experience working with youth
•Excellent communication skills; written and verbal
•Strong capabilities in math, reading, and other general academic studies
•Understanding of principals of effective youth development strategies
•Classroom management skills
•Experience working with Lego’s
Sector: Nonprofit
Last day to apply: Apr 2
Last updated: Feb 1

As a former Lego enthusiast myself, I am left speechless at the idea that someone will get paid to play with Lego's all day --- no, I take that back, work with Lego's all day (notice the last job requirement posted). Growing up with an older brother who received Legos for Christmas, birthday, Easter, and everyday in between, I of course had to have my own Lego sets, so I collected the pink ones :) No surprise, huh?? Pastel pink, green, yellow with little bunches of flowers to decorate outside my Lego homes.

I'm halfway tempted to apply for this job...I mean how cool would it be to first of all have the title of "Lego Specialist", but secondly, I would make my business cards out of Legos :)

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