Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing.... new best friend! Ta da! This weekend my washer/dryer unit was delivered AND installed. What a beautiful addition to my apartment...and my life in general. After weeks of careful research into brands, stores, and prices, and measuring my available space multiple times, I decided on a Frigidaire model that as you can see is slightly too large to fit normally in my laundry closet space, so I had to turn it sideways. But, the price difference between the thin model and the one I chose was around $400 and for that savings, I decided I could do laundry standing sideways just fine! Isn't it beautiful?? I did two loads of laundry the first day it arrived and I feel like washing every piece of clothing I own just because I can :)


  1. Papa and I looked at it and decided you made a good choice......lots of fun now keeping those duds fresh........may just ship some laundry for you to do!

  2. Haha Mamaw! You are welcome to send your long as there is a butterscotch pie or zucchini muffins included :)