Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More snow pics

Hide and Seek in Lincoln park

Me and Mary - my DC neighbor/mom....amazing to think that my Heavenly Mother's name is Mary, my DC mom is Mary, my Guatemalan mom is Maria (Spanish for Mary), and my true mom in Ohio is Mary!!
Another day of snow = another day of adventure! I have had so much fun with this blizzard in DC getting to know my apartment building neighbors. It's incredible how friendly people become when there's 30" of snow on the ground! My apartment has become the college dorm I never experienced when I was actually in college - we just leave our doors open and come and go eating, hanging out, playing games, swapping movies, etc. I love it! Everyone in the building is off work (I'm working from home for lack of being able to see my car), so we go on walking adventures during the day to laugh at all the idiots trying to drive their little cars in the snow who end up stuck, those trying to clear their buried cars using a small ice scraper, and women with bricks for brains wobbling in their stiletto heels on the snow-covered sidewalks! It's great!! Who knew just how wrong all the taxi drivers would be back in September when they told me DC doesn't get snow?!

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  1. Wow!! What a deep thinker YOU are!! Yes, you have been sent many Mary's to watch over you!! Be on your best behavior at ALL times!!!!
    Love you!!