Monday, September 21, 2009


So, yesterday was one of the most gorgeous days I can remember in a long time for two reasons: 1. crystal blue skies, and 2. national monuments. Let me just say this now - WOW! While driving towards Capitol Hill, I decided to take an "easier" route that actually turned out to be longer yet was worth every minute just for the scenery. I drove along the Potomac River and watched in envy as boaters and kayakers enjoyed the blue skies, light breeze, glittering water, and breathtaking monuments. I was tempted to stop my car right then and there and join in the paddle boat fun, but instead opted to take pictures from inside my car as I drove....another reason why I should be driving a Vespa and not a car. But anyways, there's just something indescribable about being surrounded by the most important historical pieces of cement carvings and buildings in the country. Really, I think everyone reading this should abandon whatever they are doing and drive to Washington, DC. Right now. See some monuments, enjoy the weather, and come visit me! Oh, and bring me some Ohio corn....DCers just don't have the whole sweet corn thing down.


  1. Well, thank you very much Colleen for keeping us all posted on your latest adventure. It will be exciting for me to see you adapt to a very different environment. Make the most of each new challenge. I am not real sure about that Vespa idea!
    Love, U.Jack

  2. Sounds just marvelous. I went to DC once when I was 16, and I need to go back. Maybe in a couple of years when the kids can appreciate it a bit! It sounds like you're having a great time!

    Miss you,