Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 6th largest mall in the USA!!

Saturday I had the honor of shopping in the 6th largest mall in the country - Tyson's Center Corner - home to 300 stores plus a movie theater. What a great place and it makes me think that one of these days, I need to take a road trip to the top 10 largest malls in the country. Now, some may scoff at that idea, but hear me out:
1. Malls are really just little communities bringing people of all different religions, nationalities, and ethnicities together under one roof.
2. Malls reach all employment sectors of society - architects, construction workers, engineers, interior designers, entrepreneurs, maintenance and janitorial personnel, business men and women, financial gurus, chefs, temporary and full time employees, etc. What other building can say that???
3. Shopping at a mall is fiscally responsible because all the stores are under one roof, therefore saving money on gas by not having to drive place to place. Additionally, we cut down on pollution by walking store to store and not driving.
4. Malls provide for our basic needs - food, clothing, and shelter. We therefore have a civic duty to thank communities for providing us with malls by using them....frequently.
And that my readers, is why I am planning a cross country mall road trip. Those who would like to join me in this American responsibility are most welcome. I'll work on a map and after we tackle the US malls, we will expand to the world, since of course we are a global society interdependent on other nations.

A prime example of how malls are good for us is illustrated by the exercise classes at TCC that take place in the middle of the mall. Now, I'm guessing those who use it are probably not the ones who need it the most, since quite frankly, who in their right mind that needs to lose weight would want to work up a sweat struggling to do a push-up in front of hundreds of gawking strangers, but I suppose for those with no self-confidence issues it would be great. So, it's a nice option offered at the mall. Ironically, it was situated right outside the grand opening of Christian Audigier's store, which was giving away free cotton candy and food. I laughed and thus decided to take out my camera and capture both the store and the exercise area.

Malls are our friends, and we should take the time to get to know them better :)


  1. beautiful capitalism at it's best...

  2. Please sign me up for your tour of the malls trip!! You would be a great travel agent in your free time!! Oh, and can we DRIVE to the malls?

  3. Sign me up!! I totally agree that malls are a very important sustainer (is that a word? oh well) to our country :) Oh and yes I suppose we can drive for your poor moms sake!