Sunday, September 27, 2009

My "detour" through the monuments

Another driving fiasco but with nice side benefits. I've not done so bad navigating my way around DC the past couple days, with the exception of tonight. In attempting to get back home, which should have taken 25 minutes max, I somehow managed to end up in Virginia at Ronald Reagan airport not once but twice, circled the Washington Monument not twice or three times even but 5 times, passed the WWII memorial from two different angles, made a full circle around the Jefferson Memorial, and had a policeman blow his whistle at me for taking a picture from my car. The nerve of him! Clearly he didn't see my Ohio license plates and realize that the Dublin cement corn monuments are slightly less impressive than DC monuments and just maybe I was stopping to take a picture because I was so frustrated at going in circles and needed something else to do! Hmph! So, while fumbling my way home, I decided to take some quick pics at night of the Jefferson Memorial and the WWII memorial. Beautiful at night! Hopefully soon I'll take the time to walk around at night and get some actual pictures of DC's beauty in person instead of from my car. This is some city!

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