Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strike 1 for DC!

I found something I don't like about DC....actually, it found me 3 times! The above disgusting bug with very long antennas, ugly legs, and a propensity for jumping long distances, showed up on my PILLOW the first night in DC. I stifled down a scream and proceeded to act like a grownup - thoroughly killing it repeatedly with my shoe and then disposing of my pillowcase in the clothes hamper all while holding it at an arms length just incase the guts decided to attack. Day 2 in DC, I am minding my own business at work playing my new role as a professional when the wretched bug finds me in the office supply closet. On a mission to find envelopes, I opened the closet door and came face-to-face, eye-level, with the very same type of bug sitting on the side of the envelope box. Much to my dismay and the bug's relief, it jumped off the box and under another stack of boxes before I had time to take my stiletto to it. And that brings me to today's encounter with Mr.'s back and it's in my apartment yet again. While walking around my living room holding my computer trying to phish a wireless signal, I look over the top of the screen and there resting on my wall guessed it....the ugly brown bug! Lucky for you all reading this, my camera was sitting on the table next to me and I thought to take a picture before annihilating it with the same flip flop I used the first time. Bye bye bug....or perhaps bye bye addition to setting up a Vespa fund, I will also be taking donations for a penthouse in the city :)


  1. I feel your pain with those nasty bugs!! Keep a shoe close by at all times!! Motherly advice!!
    Miss you,

  2. If you miss with a swat
    and he flees to an oasis
    my advice to you then is
    to get on a first name basis.
    Call him junior or bub, it
    doesn't really matter, but
    when he thinks you are friendly,
    then his bod you can splatter! mammaw

  3. colleen that grosses me out!! I wouldn't have been able to deal with that.. Hope all is well! See you in a month!!!