Monday, September 13, 2010

Raise the flags!

Do not adjust your computer screen! What you see is an actual photo of my vegetable drawer in my refrigerator. No photo enhancements were used - those really are all MY veggies! My drawer has never been this full since I moved here. I have a bag of celery, 1 garlic bulb, 2 onions, 1 carrot, and a broccoli tree. Oh, and I even have 2 real potatoes on my countertop and a can of peas in my cabinet but they are not shown in this photo. The carrot only cost 22 cents! Next time I may splurge on 2 of them, but for now, I wanted to stick to my grocery list and I only needed one :)

Some delicious recipes on the agenda this week - chicken pot pie, chicken / broccoli / rice casserole, lasagna, and who knows what else I might decide to whip up :) My freezer is low on food, so I'll be making all these dishes and freezing a good portion so I have meals handy when I'm short on time. Tonight I made lasagna and froze 2/3 of the casserole into 2 dinner portions. I'll make 2 chicken pot pies and freeze one, and at least half of the chicken broccoli casserole will also be frozen. Homemade meals sure beat Lean Cuisine!


  1. what a great looking veggie drawer! what a great cook you are! your zest for the culinary art shows in your menu planning. Don't forget that desert, butterscotch are a professional at that..guess who knows that!

  2. mmm, butterscotch pie :)