Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eating with my fingers

I tried Ethiopian food for the first time after putting it off for almost 6 months. Sam has talked about how good the food is since the first time we met but I always found a different restaurant to eat at :) However, I decided to give it a try this weekend and determined that I actually liked it for the most part ~ a little bit spicier than I typically care for, but the flavor was very delicious, so it wasn't just a mouth-on-fire spiciness.

We went to "Zed's Ethiopian Cuisine" in Georgetown. Lots of famous people have eaten there including the senior President Bush and his wife, so that calmed me down a bit since I knew famous people wouldn't keep eating there if the food made everyone sick. So, for those who have never eaten Ethiopian style, first, there are no utensils ~ eat with your fingers! Second, the food is served on a giant piece of sour bread called Injera and more bread is served on the side for you to tear off and pick up the food with....the bread served on the side looks exactly like rolled up ace-bandages and you unroll it exactly like that to tear off the pieces. So cool! It is the most unique kind of bread I have ever tried - flat with a sponge-like consistency and is slightly moist yet not sticky. Imagine a sponge you would find in the ocean - slice that into thin pieces and that is what Injera looks like. Okay, so you order your entrees and they come on this huge piece of Injera along with lentils, a slice of carrot, and something that looks like corn but I think it's chickpeas maybe. We ordered a chicken dish with rice a shrimp and vegetable dish. Yummmm!!! Spicy but delicious! I would definitely go back to Zed's and anyone who comes to visit me and is up for a culinary adventure, Zed's is the place we will go!

Oh, and p.s. Ethiopian's have really great desserts as well :)

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