Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peep Peep

Sam and I visited the National Harbor this weekend to go sailing. Well, we got to the marina and the wind was non-existent, so we decided rather than spend the afternoon on a sailboat paddling it around the harbor, we would wait for a windier day to give it a try. Stay tuned for hopefully a sailing post yet to come!

However, the National Harbor is such a cool place to visit anyways and it was fun to just walk around looking at shops and eating dinner......AND visiting the Peeps store!! An entire store dedicated to my favorite colored sugar coated marshmallow bunnies and ducks! Wow! I bought a pack of the pumpkin holiday peeps and they are sitting on top of my tv as I write this with the package open so that they will be ready to eat in about 3 days - Peeps are best when stale and chewy and I can't leave them on my kitchen counter incase any rouge bugs get in through my kitchen window looking for a Peep treat! I take my Peep staling process very seriously :)

So, even though sailing was a no-go, the Peeps store made up for it!

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