Thursday, August 12, 2010

Take me back to Lake Michigan!

Beautiful first couple pictures, huh? Blue skies, sandy beach, colorful umbrellas....don't be fooled! This is North Beach in Maryland and apparently beneath the peaceful facade lies jellyfish and bacteria! Ewww!! This was the ocean, so I expected there may be jellyfish, but the bacteria?! The beach lifeguard assured me the levels weren't high enough to close the, okay? I now want to swim with only moderately high bacteria?? I don't think so!

The boardwalk was fun and building a sandcastle was fun, but I can do all that on Lake Michigan and I won't have to worry about jellyfish or bacteria! So, when it comes to swimming in a place other than a pool, Petoskey State Beach in Michigan is still number one in my book.


  1. lake michigan, no salt, no sharks, no worries !!!

  2. Yes!!!! Lake Michigan is still # 1 !!!!!!!!! Hope you get to go back next summer!!!!!

  3. Lake Michigan is the best!!!!