Friday, April 30, 2010

Update...happy now???

It's Friday and I've been told to get with the program and update my blog (You know who you are!) so here's a little recap on my week....

Monday - Tuesday: My sister Cara's 8th grade class visited DC these days and I met them for dinner both nights....imagine 100 8th graders all trying to outdo one another with the number of name brand clothing that a single person can wear at one time; I'm talking Abercrombie jeans, True Religion jeans, Seven for all Mankind jeans, Coach shoes, Coach wristlet purses, American Eagle shirts, Hollister shirts, Abercrombie shirts (lots of Abercrombie everywhere!), Lacoste shoes, Lacoste shirts, etc. I added up the total cost of one girls outfit and it was at least $450 worth of clothing. Ridiculous! Am I out of touch with fashion? Too much of a penny pincher? I think NOT! The difference between a $15 polo shirt from Target and an $89 polo shirt from Lacoste is a little green alligator on the front shoulder....or, the difference between a $50 pair of skinny leg jeans from Kohls and a $280 pair of skinny leg jeans from True Religion is a white stitched horse shoe-shaped letter U on the butt pocket. I don't understand why someone would spend 5x the amount of money for a horseshoe on their butt. Hanging out with Cara's class for those couple of nights made me even more proud of her because she is one of the few kids who doesn't have to have name brand clothing...her self-confidence doesn't depend on alligator emblems and horseshoe stitching. When she does receive a gift of something name-brand, it is special to her because it's not something expected ~ which makes it fun for me to shop for Cara :)

The rest of my week has pretty much been the usual routine - breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, painting, little tv, sleep, and repeat. My office is moving locations, so I have been packing and unpacking and re-organizing as well. Let's just say I'm glad it's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend!!

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  1. AWWWWW thanks you shouldn't have said that but its true i don't care about name brand things and i am proud of you tooooo!!!!!!!