Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Day - it's a big deal in DC

In anticipation for Earth Day on April 25th, giant earth sculptures now grace the stretch of lawn between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument outside the Smithsonian Castle. Very cool sculptures that are all between 5 and 7 feet tall. Each one has a different theme but they all revolve around global warming and the crisis facing the earth if we don't start decreasing our usage of natural resources. The entertainment lineup even includes a performance by Sting! This is some serious business! NASA set up a large inflatable "earth" with kid activities must be part of a week-long string of events leading up to the big day. The art installations are cool....however, isn't it a bit ironic that here we are trying to clean up the earth and yet it takes a whole lot of electricity to keep inflated an enormous earth for kids to play inside, Sting's band is going to use a whole lot of electricity playing, and what will happen to the artwork after Earth Day?? End up in a landfill somewhere?? This might be one of those cases of "nice thought; poor execution" type deals....

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