Friday, April 9, 2010

The Ya Ya bunch

It's time to introduce my readers to the Ya Ya bunch - Mary, Jennifer, me, and Kristen. We all got to know each other during the snow storm this winter, and we've not been apart since :) Mary, Kristen, and I all live in the same apartment building and Jen lives just a couple doors down the street. They are the best neighbors anyone could ever wish for! We are four completely different individuals yet we blend so nicely --- Mary is "Mama Ya Ya" because she takes care of us all ~ cooking dinner, making sure we are in safe every night, and that we behave ourselves :) Jennifer is "Ya Ya the Philosopher" because she knows the most obscure information in life and lives a very free and thought-provoking life. Kristen is "Captain Ya Ya" because she keeps us all in our place and takes charge of everyone and everything. And I am "Happy Ya Ya" because I'm the cheerful, happy-go-lucky one of the group that keeps everyone young and fresh. Ha!

You might be wondering how we decided to call ourselves the Ya Yas.....that was all the Captain's doing. During the snow, Mama Ya Ya and I were outside smashing the stems of Magnolia branches in front of the apartment when Captain came outside and said, "Now what are the Ya Ya sisters up to this time?" And since then the name stuck!

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  1. YEAH for the Ya Yas !!! What a blessing to have such special and fun neighbors---true friends!!!!